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Post in: Entertainment / - by - Jul 07, 2017
dROPTOP - A Musical Journey (35YRS) from dHoods to dWoods 1985-2020

DropTop Productions (DTP) Multimedia Publishing, Promotion and Management Company based out of Lansing, Michigan (1985-2021) DropTop operates an Audio/Video Recording Studio (7K Song Catalog) plus a Virtual Web Enterprise with many online capabilities for various unsigned Artist & Independent Music Groups. Featuring: dROPTOP the Original DTP Family (DropTop Posse) Ganja Gang, Nasty North, Dirty Rascals, Mystik Mindz, Wicked Willow, Smakaho Tribe, IIIrd Degree, Rebel Soulz, Hooligans, Micronautz, WOUGBE (ScatManDo) Woofman Jack (Night Ryder) Daddy LongStroke, SirRON, DJ Glaze, L-I-N-K (BOBgee), Ghetto Hunky, PAIN, Nicky Bondz, Ace Boogie, D-SYDE, Krazy Lucian, Young Nitty, Emcee Carter, Raven NightShade, Human Lindrum, BLOCK, TK, and many more.

dROPTOP: DropTop Posse, the Original DTP Family. A group of 1-Track Artists, Masters of Rap Improvisation, Studio Freestylers with a unique forte to drop in song format! Seasoned rappers trained to perform under pressure! Beats drop moments before entering the booth! No rehearsals, No writing to the beat! Str8 off the Jaw (Rug Rap) Rough, Rugged & Raw! [Recorded Live] To label these Freestyles just don't describe the Magic of the Moment (1985-2020) The dROPTOP have crossed various genres from Soul, RnB, Club, Hip Hop, Rap, Alternative, Rock (7000+ Recordings) Representing Michigan, The Mitten, The Hand Land, The Nasty North. DTP4LIFE!

THE DTP go back over 35 years. It was 1983 when it all began, in the streets of Lansing, Michigan, raised in the roots @ the dawn of Hip Hop. dROPTOP has walked in many shoes and crossed various genres, displaying unique styles & personalities, sometimes expressing conflicted views of life's trials & tribulations, living the struggle to survive & change our stars.

The following dROPTOP Artists/Groups where 'Recorded Live' at DropTop Studios, during several open-mic Freestyle Jamathons from 2000 thru 2020, Including both members from the past and present DTP Family & DropTop Posse. KICK BACK, RELAX & ENJOY!

DropTop Productions, DropTop Records, Drop Top Pictures, DropTop Studios, DropTop Radio, DropTop.TV

WARNING! we tend to grow on yah like a fungus... Long Live RUG-RAP!

Michael Coulter

Welcome to my Profile on iJAMM, Wougbe aka Music Myzer representing the Great Lake State

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