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Country: United States
State / Province: Michigan
City: Lansing


Website: Visits 128
Wougbe aka the Night Ryder (ScatManDo) A Hip Hop, Rug Rap, Freestyle, Scat Artist, Musician & Producer (Music Myzer) from Lansing, Michigan. A Founding Member of the Original DTP Family (DropTop Posse) DropTop Productions, plus a Vocalist/Producer for the following music groups: Ganja Gang, Nasty North, Dirty Rascals, Wicked Willow, Smakaho Tribe, IIIrd Degree, Rebel Soulz, Hooligans & Micronautz.

Wougbe is a Old School Rapper, Beat Boxer & Break Dancer formally known as Spider De of the Legendary 'Ancientary' Side Ride Crew. Raised in the inner city streets of Lansing, MI. (off N.Jenison) Later moving to Haslett and Okemos, MI. Wougbe began his musical voyage starting with the flute, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone & violin during school, piano and acoustic guitar after school. During this same time, Wougbe began dancing and started roller skating at Roller World (east) and Thompson Skate.

Moving once again to the infamous "Southside" Wougbe attended Gardner Jr.High & Everett High School, during which on the weekends he continued dancing & skating at Roller World (south) and Skate USA as a boogie skater, then onto Edru Skating in Holt, MI. where he teamed up with SirRON, and later grouped up with DJ Glaze & Craig D to form the Circuit Breakers aka Side Ride Crew. Break Dancing for several events like the River Front for St. Vincent's Home for Children, The Arts & Crafts show for the Peanut Barrel in East Lansing, and various schools & clubs throughout Mid-Michigan.

Wougbe later attended Harry Hill Vocational School for Radio & TV Production with SirRON and DJ Glaze, which lead into the development of his rapping & production skills, which transformed the group into Speak Eazzy the rap group, which later after partnering up with Chill Will, changed their name to IIIrd Degree and the DropTop Posse. Several years later after recording hundreds of songs on cassette tapes, just before everything started to fade, Wougbe & Glaze transformed the group into the DTP Family and began recording several other artist at Glaze's crib on an analog mixing board, which lead Wougbe into getting his first computer and setting up a new digital system at his crib.

Wougbe then met & began recording such artist as Nicky Bondz aka Quick & Young Nitty aka Smokey, which lead to the recording of other artist like PAIN, Dsyde, BIG PERM, Raven, LINK, Majestic, Mystery Mind, 7th Word & many other rappers and singers. After a few years and hundreds of more recordings, Wougbe began building websites, while recording & editing videos as well, which after 35 years of dedication, Wougbe is about to reveal thousands of unreleased recordings.

Born of a large musical family on his fathers side, from the upnorth! yet raised by his mother within a multicultural family in the city, wougbe's gift for music, nature and multicultural living runs deep! Blessed with an endless source of creativity, vision and dream state, some say he is an observer, cursed with a third eye and a mind of endless energy! (A TRUE RHYTHMIC BEING) whom walks through life always humming a tune, nodding his head, twiddling his fingers & tapping his toes. so the story goes..

Legend has it... Wougbe was conceived deep in the woods one cold summer night, during a full moon & raised by a pack of wolves in the upper Michigan straits.

From dHoods to dWoods - Rough, Rugged & Raw!!!

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